Feeding homeless cows
According to the Vedic scriptures, serving cows in any way is considered very auspicious. What to speak of serving homeless cows in a holy place of Govardhan...
It is the highest possible form of service.
First time visitors to India are often shocked by the number of cows on the streets. This is due to the fact that local residents cannot maintain the cows that are no longer giving milk and have to let go of them, forcing them to live outside. Same thing happens with baby bulls, who are also released shortly after birth. This is a common practice throughout India, and Vrindavan is no exception.

We started our homeless cow feeding program in April of 2020, when it became especially critical. That is because usually cows are fed by visiting pilgrims, however due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people coming to Govardhan has decreased greatly and the cows began to starve.
We are now distributing 400 kg of grass every day, and feeding the homeless cows of Govardhan mainly on the parikrama road between Govinda kunda and Surabhi kunda. We hope that soon enough, we will be able to feed every homeless cow and bull at Govardhan!

Every day we load the sacks of fresh pre-chopped grass into a rickshaw and set off to our usual route. The cows recognize our cart and always happily run towards us. We plan on building stationary feeders around the entire Govardhana to make it more convenient for the cows. In addition, we would also like to supply drinking water to these feeders.
Each of you can easily join our mission by making a donation or, if you are in Govardhana, by joining the team that distributes the grass.
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