Vrindavan is a holy place which has been the home to thousands of saints and yogis for more than 5,000 years. It is visited annually by tens of millions who come in contact with two very potent spiritual energies there – one helping them to become free from attachments and self-centeredness and another increasing their selfless love and devotion. Also the visitors and pilgrims hope to receive blessings of saints living there as well as to deepen their connection with the sacred within themselves. Vrindavan is a spiritual hub where we become spiritually nourished.
Offering selfless service to Vrindavan, the saints as well as it's residents is the most efficient way to serve the Divine and it is therefore important to understand the correct mood to approach this service. For this reason, His Holiness Sacinandana Swami has founded the Braj Care charity organisation and is leading his experienced team in the following projects:

— Free medical care and treatment to the widows and sadhus
— Distribution of warm clothes, blankets and sleeping mats
— Environmental programmes for the collection of garbage and waste around Govardhan
— Food relief programmes
— Feeding homeless cows

The aim of Braj Care is to protect and preserve the rich spiritual culture of Vrindavan, as well as to facilitate pilgrims in offering selfless service (seva).
Braj Care is of course not the only charitable organisation which facilitates service in and around Vrindavan. There are a number of other organisations such as Food for Life, The Braj Foundation, Yamuna Mission and Save Vrindavan for Future Generations. Serving any of these organisations is encouraged and welcomed by Braj Care.

The Principles of Braj Care:
(Braj is a short name for Vrindavan)
  • Love for Braj
    To develop sincere love for Vrindavan, by offering selfless service as well as to encourage and facilitate this development in others.
  • Trusted projects
    We are in regular and direct contact with residents and saints of Vrindavan who help us to direct our service where it is truly beneficial and needed.
  • Seva First
    Seva means offering selfless service. Even though fund-raising is necessary to run our projects, our main focus remains on seva. We thus fully immerse ourselves in our projects and are hands-on in volunteering.
  • Donations exclusively for Seva
    100% of our donations are used in our various projects. Organisational and marketing expenses do not affect donations raised.
  • More than a charity
    We recognise that the opportunity to serve Vrindavan and it's residents is the greatest achievement and we aspire to keep this mood in the forefront of our seva.
We invite you in our mission to serve Vrindavan and thus to develop your relationship and deepen your love for Radha and Krsna.

"With all my heart I shall serve Vrndavan's residents, the dust from whose feet purifies even Brahma, Siva, and all the demigods." - Sri Vrndavan Mahimamrta 5.26

How can you get involved?

Join the Team
If you are coming to Vrindavan and would like to offer your services in one of our projects, please contact:
Priya Naker, gopinathapriya108@gmail.com

Help us promote Braj Care
Social media is our most powerful and influential tool. Please support us and help us to raise awareness.

If you would like to make a donation, we can accept bank transfers or PayPal payments.
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