Garbage and waste collection
The most efficient way to purify your heart and attain everlasting spiritual blessings.
Scriptures describe that the area of Govardhan is full of wonderful forests, lakes, caves, waterfalls and jewelled paths and this is where the most intimate pastimes of Sri Radha Krsna take place.

In recent years, garbage, waste and pollution in Vrindavan has risen due to a vast increase in population growth and pilgrimage activity, not to mention traffic and congestion. The scriptures say that cleaning the temples and the holy places is compared to purifying the heart so we encourage everyone who visits to help in this wonderful opportunity to serve.
One person can collect one large plastic bag worth of garbage per hour. Five people can collect five bags of garbage in an hour. Imagine what a group of fifty or a hundred people can do!
Our Braj Care volunteers have been cleaning near Giriraj [1] and Barsana [2] for several years and these are some of our observations:
It makes a difference! The result of picking up garbage is noticeable and truly inspiring. Volunteers feel great joy from such a simple service.
Local people get inspired and get involved!
Local people get inspired and get involved!
Saints shower blessings to the volunteers involved in this intimate seva [3] to Vrindavan, which is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. These saints often provide sanctified food as well.
How you can help

This is one of the best services you can do in Vrindavan and it is truly an unforgettable experience. We currently facilitate such volunteer services in the months of October, November and December.

If you are planning a trip to Vrindavan around that time and would like to get involved, please contact us and we will direct you direct you further. We will inform you of the urgent areas that need cleaning and provide you will all the materials and where to dispose the garbage. You can also volunteer to clean the kunds (sacred lakes) by using nets to remove the garbage or you can clean the steps of the kund from algae.

For any volunteering service on this project, please visit this page again for updates on upcoming seva days
Please help us also to create awareness by advertising this seva on social media.
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