Supporting free education in Govardhan
The school that gives a future to children from poor families.
Education in villages and for poor families is often not encouraged, resulting in children not being able to read or write. However, in Anyor, a small village in Govardhan, a free school has opened, giving the local children a chance for a better future. We decided to help support this school.
Located in the home of Bhanvar Singh where he himself teaches the students alongside his family members, this school truly feels more like a family then a school.
Bhanvar Singh
"School is my life. My and my whole family. Early in the morning, children come to our house and stay there until the evening often. We try to serve them in the best way and we thank from the bottom of our hearts those who help our school"
So far, our donations have helped support this school by:
Providing soft sitting mats for the junior classes and lino flooring for the high school students to ensure no one has to sit on cold concrete flooring.
Giving every student a school bag
Providing text books and stationery
In addition, every student (and every child in the village) was provided with a warm sweater for the bitter winter months. To read more about this seva, please read about 'distribution of warm clothes'
Vedic scriptures and sadhus say that only those souls who are in special relations with the Lord are born in Braj. To serve the inhabitants of Vrndavana is a rare fortune, and it is easier to do this until they have grown up.
Prabhupada has said that "It is more fortunate to be born in Vrindavan than in a rich or aristocratic family, because in the next life, one will go back to Godhead." To serve the inhabitants of Vrindavan is a rare fortune. Our plans to continue serving these young Brajbasis (local residents of Vrindavan) through the donations we receive will ensure that at least one computer is purchased, hot meals are organised for all attending students and the construction of another classroom.

How you can help

There are three ways to support this project:
– Help us create awareness by advertising this seva on social media.
– If you feel inspired to support our seva to these young Brajbasis, we welcome you to volunteer. Kindly contact us and visit this page again for updates on upcoming seva days. We currently facilitate such volunteer services in the months of October, November and December.
– Of course donations are also welcome. If you feel inspired to support these young Brajbasis, we welcome you to place a donation or contact your local Braj Care representative.
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