Distribution of warm clothes
A unique opportunity to care for those who have completely dedicated their lives to God. To offer them warm clothes means to offer them the affection of your heart.
Every year Vrindavana's residents, the Brajbasis, endure harsh winters. Temperatures close to zero bring thick fog and without any form of heating and a lack of warm clothes, the Brajbasis sincerely suffer.

One of Braj Care's missions is to help make the winters more tolerable by producing and providing warm clothing.
In Kabardino-Balkaria's villages (Russia), sweaters, socks and kidney warmers are knitted from pure sheep wool. The making of these garments have not only created secure income for the workers in this village, but has engaged them in direct seva (selfless service) for Vrindavan. These garments are then transported to Vrindavan via Moscow and Braj Care volunteers living in Vrindavan, personally hand them out.
2015. 300 sweaters, 200 woollen belts, 600 pairs of socks and 100 knee pads
2016. 800 sweaters, 800 pairs of socks, 100 kidney warmers and 300 blankets
2017. 1000 warm jackets (woollen sleeveless sweaters), 800 pairs of woollen socks and 200 children's sweaters.
Recently baby sweaters were given to students from the schools in Govardhan and Nandagram (schools that Braj Care is serving), which they received with great joy and appreciation.
Our aim is to increase and continue bringing these warm garments for both adults and children.

How you can help

There are three ways to support this project:
– Help us create awareness by advertising this seva on social media.
– If you would like to volunteer in this project kindly contact us and visit this page again for updates on upcoming seva days. We currently facilitate such volunteer services in the months of October, November and December.
– Every little donation helps. Even 1 USD means a Brajbasi will receive a warm pair of socks!
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