Medical care program
Supporting essential health services to widows of Vrindavan and to others in true need. Reaching out to make them feel loved and safe.
Since 2012, by the kind help of the donors, we have been able to offer medical support to widows of Radhakund. Being in possession of our Braj Care Medical Card, they can visit the local doctors and pharmacies who will provide their medical necessities free of charge whenever they have a health issue.

This service has of course become very dear to the widows and sadhus as well as appreciated by many donors. We have thus been able to annually increase our medical support to those in need. As of reports from December of 2017 we are supporting 458 widows and sadhus.
Why do we support widows?

The plight of Vrindavan widows has become known all around the world. Considered inauspicious, many widows soon face their brutal destiny: left without money, sent away by their husbands' families, ostracized from their home villages they make themselves on the way to Vrindavan. Some are even being brought to Vrindavan with the idea of undergoing sacred pilgrimage – when only after a short time they have to meet with the fact that they have been "left alone and forgotten" - on purpose by their family members.

Old, illiterate and without any other shelter but the prayers and faith within their hearts, they turn for help in one of the over-filled shelter houses for widows. Trusting like little children in the protection of Lord Krishna, they find hope to survive.

It is our great honour to support these destitute ladies. What was started as a simple yet essential humanitarian action, turned out to become a well-appreciated project among the local residents who have come to respect these ladies as dignified community members and don't see them any longer as "lost cases". This raising of awareness is very healthy and one of the special features of Braj Care.
Collaboration with Barsana Eye Care

In collaboration with Barsana Eye Care (BEC) we have been able to extend our medical services to offer cataract surgery to many of the widows and sadhus who hold a Braj Care Medical Card. The team of BEC, all volunteers and extremely dedicated doctors, do not offer only expert surgeries, but specialized and all around care offered on the basis of love and devotion.

How you can help

– Raising awareness: You can help us create awareness by advertising this seva on social media.
– Volunteering: The team of dedicated residents who are in charge of this service have many good ideas how this seva can be improved and expanded and if you feel inspired to help, please feel free to contact us.
– Donation: Of course your donations will enable us to continue offering this much needed service.
Please help us also to create awareness by advertising this seva on social media.
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